Temps de lecture: 3 minutes

    Happy and Healthy New Year !

    For more than six years now, and despite the outbreak of the Coronavirus, teams from Business France around the world, have been developing programs for accelerating start-ups, aiming to showcase France’s best innovations and technologies.  Since 2014, Business France’s acceleration programs have helped more than 1,300 Tech start-ups to streamline business models in fast-tracking them to expand on an international scale.  Today, some have already become icons in French Tech.  Others are following steadfastly in their footsteps.

    Our European motto is higher transparency.  We greatly value the protection of intellectual property and cybersecurity, attractiveness of foreign talent, business model and innovation selection (with privileged private and state R&D&I partners), multi-cultural adaptation and preparation by “Team France Export” (Business France + BpiFrance + French Chamber of Commerce), business projects challenged by international experts and market insiders, and, last but not least, a specified coaching approach with assigned mentors, thanks to our growing startup and innovative SMEs alumni community.  In other words, we offer well-established Tech+Business know-how, together with a solid base for future development.  Needless to say, long-standing mutual trust, nourished over decades, devoted to satisfying the needs and expectations of foreign and tech Corporate consumer partners, is a key factor for the success of any start-up.

    In today’s world, to succeed a start-up must highly be competitive.  A balanced, respectful attitude and creative spirit are essential.  The promise of mutual innovation is a key factor in winning international cooperation.

    We at Business France are not, however, blinded by immediate success as our sole objective.  Adequate preparation and seeking out potential opportunities are essential.  The French High Tech network strives to provide a comprehensive perspective and in-depth grasp of the potentials of the French tech ecosystem.  French entrepreneurs and start-ups will make every effort to meet new challenges in a spirit of shared partnership. Thanks to a 19000 French Startup Ecosystem, we are confident and day-to-day challenged. We are more than happy to share our European social values and their implementation.

    Our aims for 2021? To invite you to meet and support our 2021 young tech entrepreneurs delegations : French Tech Tour, French Tech Days, and Impact. Proven, tracked acceleration programs and success stories which respond to the process of digitalization and necessary cybersecurity; over 15 tracks from North and South America to South- West and North Africa, from the Middle East and India to China and North Asia, and of course United Kingdom.  Within the European Union digital landscape, several programs are already in place, namely in Germany, Italy, Benelux, Spain, and Eastern Europe.

    All the new technologies showcased will promote sustainable, trusty and well-known European values and  development:  AI, IOT, Fintech, Optical, Electronics, Semicon, hardware and software, broadcast, Regtech, Agtec, Cleantech and Proptech.  As MNCs, VCs, corporates or service companies, you are cordially invited to support our initiative and have a better understanding of our innovative startup offer : Contact us – Business France. Please feel free to write your challenging tech needs, our local teams cover 62 countries.

    The objective of our sponsorship program is to up-scale start-up ecosystems.

    Wishing you and your family a successful, happy, and healthy New Year, a new Tech Year !